by Chanti Darling

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Futuristic smooth dance track taking notes from the 80's R&B vein.


I couldn't float away
You hung the chain around my neck
But I couldn't stand the stink from all the shit you left behind for me to clean up
Yeah you're nasty and you're wrong for that
Speaking of the mess look at the pieces
Swept under the rug I couldn't see it
But then it's so hard to ignore all the blood down on the floor
Easy to slip and bust my ass again

Always automatic so I didn't need to know
Just to see us take off again
Clicking away
Its systematic the law of what goes up
You know we're going down again

We saw stars
One day I know you'll wish upon a star
We saw stars.

But the kids are alright with you.


released May 19, 2015
Production: DJ Sappho, Damon Boucher, and Chanticleer Trü for Zip Zap




Chanti Darling Portland, Oregon


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